Wow, thanks.



Well, here we are. I had to mentally step back from any real social media presence and from writing for a while. I was exhausted and not myself-or rather-really figuring out a lot of things about myself.

This blog and this amazing journey we are on together, Tom and I, will continue here on, but I am going to be putting my personal story and my teaching experiences on a new blog called They Were Born Dragons, at There I will write about my feelings, my experiences, teaching and how teaching makes me face my feelings and my reality even more.

This blog is meant to be true and real, but I want to honor that it is mostly about our creating homes together. This is a space for Tom and I to celebrate what makes our collaboration making homes so powerful. It’s all love, and I’m so grateful.

Above you can see 3 shots of our new addition and the beloved space of our family room. We are still not done. But the sheer amount of work and forward progress that has occurred since I stopped blogging here in August 2017 is astounding. I will show what Tom has been up to in tiling our bathroom, and I’ll show you what I’m up to on the property in addition to the endless and annoying cleaning that must take place here every day to keep me out from under a mountain of dust, dirt and animal hair.

TinyEmpire is a pretty beautiful place. Soggy Bottom Ranch has our hearts. Life is an imperfect journey. But I’m so glad we get to do it.



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