“Everything is fine, it’s just a normal day.”

This is what we say to the kids when things are busy, or hectic, or wacky, or just a lot. Once in a while Olivia will ask me to say it, as it makes her feel calm and safe and reassured. We say this to Korra and Abby, too, when their little doggie brains are freaking out about the sound of a closet closing, or the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. It’s fine here, just a normal day.

Sometimes a “normal” day can kinda suck, though. I mean, there is so much we have to deal with and so much we encounter in a regular day. Back in August I was feeling completely inundated by tasks to do and things were stacking up on me. I couldn’t rest or relax and I just had to separate myself from media for a while. I was feeling overwhelmed. So I haven’t written a blog post in a while. And the work we’ve done on the house has skyrocketed! So, enjoy this mostly photographic update, and count on hearing more from me. I’m not sure this blog is going to continue as #tinyempire or if I will choose to change it to a blog for me and my experiences. I suspect what I really want to write about is me going through life, whether that is me being 50% of tiny empire or me just being Jennifer. We shall see.

The roof is finished, and Tom just has to put the ridge cap on. The addition and main house are mostly dried in now, we just have to put the house wrap on it today.




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