#24 All the painting in the world

  • I have painted and painted and painted.
  • Tom has wired and wired and wired.
  • We are oh so tired.

It’s not poetry, but it feels like it.


You get into such a totally zen place, painting baseboard trim. I have had my ear buds in and the same 13 songs playing over and over on repeat all day, for days on end.  It’s a rhythm and feels very soothing, and I start to forget what time it is, and not because I’m on summer vacation. And hey, Tom doesn’t write the blog, so I can name the post “painting” and he can’t do anything about it  he’s fine with it.

The tired bit? Oh nelly, that is so real, I can’t describe it. I will try though, for your sake. You know how in Jurassic Park, the kids are exhausted and beat and are just happy to have made it back to the cafeteria alive after running from dinosaurs gone wild all day? They are still moving and doing life, and the little girl is eating the lime jello and sees the shadow of the velociraptors and her jello is jiggling? And she is so dead tired, and yet grabs her brother and runs?


If you can picture this and get it, well, that’s about how Tom and I are. We are so tired and so ready to either be eaten by velociraptors or finally be done with one of the two houses we own. Neither of us has had much rest in over a year. And we’re just ready to sit on a hammock and drink beer.

I was preparing to mow the lawn the other day, and I had to totally rev myself up for it, like really get myself motivated. I had to sit in a chair and talk to myself for about 20 minutes, telling myself I could do it. Funnily enough, when my work shoes were on and I was in gear ready to go, I was ALL IN. I guess it’s a good thing that I have a work (remodel/house work) wardrobe, because when I put those clothes on, I am a different person. I’m She-Ra Princess of Power and I have unlimited strength.


Hopefully She-Ra energy will carry me through the next week. We’re going to list the house this Friday morning for better or worse. NO MORE DEADLINE CHANGES, TOMMY RAY. #iloveyou

We went by the ranch today, and we fell hard for it again. Every time I touch that ground I can’t believe how lucky I am. It is amazing, sacred, precious. The trees are magic and it feels like a place that is not of this earth. It’s just its own self, this hallowed ground with so many secrets. I cannot wait to just soak in what it wants to teach me. I have plans for rosemary and lavender hedges, and planting cypress along the fence lines so we don’t see the junkyard  have more privacy.

Why does it feel like the land is not of this earth? Well, the cottonwood and cherry trees are trying to repopulate themselves. And the acre pasture is just there, beautiful and wispy in the breeze, listening to all my thoughts. I sat down in a chair out in the field with Ella today and just reveled in how I owned land. It made me kinda teary. It made me think about my parents, and how they always strove for land, space, time, place.

All I can say in my tired, half-catatonic place right now, is that I am incredibly fortunate, and I know it. I am so lucky to have met the love of my life in Tom. I know it’s super unusual that I got to fall in love with someone that is my twin in so many ways. I’ve owned two properties in 12 months! I have fallen so hard in love with this crazy dude, it takes my breath away.

Cheers, world. I don’t go a single day without saying a thank you prayer. I’m oh so grateful.

Tommy Ray, thank you for taking this journey with me. I love you. We will rock this. Other than the birth of my children and the time I spent raising them with their dad, I have not been prouder of anything. ❤



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