#23 Introducing Soggy Bottom Ranch


We spent the weekend so busy it had to be a conscious choice to slow down. On Saturday I told Tom to slow down, and then today he told me to slow down. I know I’m done when I keep putting supplies and tools down and then forgetting where I put them and then start looking for them everywhere. He knows he’s done when everything starts to break. And yes, we do rely on each other’s wisdom to help us slow down and take care of ourselves.

On the way to his nephew’s wedding on Friday, we were thinking about what to name our new property. Tom, as it turns out, is as good at names and Piper and Liam are. The kids are famous for naming Christmas trees, such as the time our tree was Cwentzel Chesternut or Cozy (that was the year Will took them and they got a Blue Spruce, the sharpest tree ever), and naming cars like my red Volvo Scarlett Darth Vader. It’s a tradition. But I digress. Tom threw a few out, they really good, and then he just said, “Soggy Bottom!” I was like, HELL YA. THAT IS THE BEST NAME EVER, YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THIS!!” Our lower pasture is a swamp half the year, and this name is really perfect. Plus, it just sounds really country and redneck, and that appeals to us.

So, at the nephew’s wedding we did a highly scientific  friends and family poll to see if it should be Soggy Bottom Farm or Soggy Bottom Ranch. Everyone said RANCH, so there you go. The new place has been christened, Soggy Bottom Ranch, established 2017.

On Saturday Lawrence, our funny marble guy, met us at the Ranch to measure and template the counters for our Carrera marble counters. It was pretty interesting to see him set up for the marble. I’d never seen anyone do that before! He got thin pieces of wood, set them out, and glue sticked them together! He will use this template back at his shop to create stone pieces for our counter tops. Quite impressive and bizare to see behind the scenes to see how it works.





I am still in awe of the cabinets and counters I’m going to have in my new house, and so many drawers. The island and pantry were custom builds, and they are so good! The drawers are soft close drawers, and I can store all my food and big platters in them!




Piper and Amber came to visit this weekend, and went to church with me today. It was really wonderful to introduce them to the congregation and to say, this is my daughter and her girlfriend, and to know that the members of the church, including our sweet pastor, wouldn’t bat an eye. In return, the girls ended up liking the church, and that meant a lot to me. They got to meet the kitten of a church member today, Gypsy Dave, and they fell hard in love with the little guy. He’s going home with them in a few weeks.


So it was a huge blessing this weekend, to be present at the wedding of young impetuous people in love, to be able to work on two houses that I own, and watch my daughter and her beloved become new cat parents. Life is beautiful.

UPDATE: listing probably around the 20th. It’s official. For better or for worse, this beautiful little Halsey House is going to go for sale. If you are interested, talk to your realtor. It will be on the RMLS, Zillow, Trulia, RedFin, etc. starting Friday morning. It really is a lovely home, and you would be so happy in it.

If you do not have a realtor, please contact Cheryl Kinley at (541) 554-6476.




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