#22 Fresh

There’s nothing quite like having new drywall, new mud/texture, new outlets, new can lights, new carpet, new paint and new trim to make a formerly ugly duckling bedroom look pretty spectacular! All we have left to do is touch up trim and paint, hang a curtain rod/clothing rods and add the door handle, and this master bedroom/walk in closet will be finished! There is a door into the closet hung, I just don’t have that finished picture here. Almost all of the credit for this room goes to Tom for building the walls and installing drywall and trim. He did a fantastic job!


He’s so cute when he works. Sorry, I can’t help it. 

I realize the above to-do list is long. I can whip out finish work pretty fast while Tom is doing trim and hanging rods. I’ve learned some quick tips for making it go fast! Most of it is how I paint and how I hold the brush, so I can’t really teach that to you. Just buy yourself a decent ($10) angle brush, get a nice amount of paint on the END of the bristles, wipe it down on the edge of your container, and go slow.


I’m pretty proud of my tile float job, but it’s really due to Tom teaching me how to do it. I just hung in there, bending down on increasingly sore knees, and installed. I had to build up this floor with at least 1/2″ of mortar. It was so off and dipping toward the center of the room. As you can see, it leveled out. The photo below shows how I had to build up the mortar. Insane! I had to just go slow. I didn’t want there to be edges that stuck up higher than the rest. IMG_4657

The bathroom needs tile baseboard trim, grout, paint, trim, install toilet/sink, and touch ups. I’ll be in there all day Friday finishing up.

I just tried to scout for Before pictures for comparison, but it turns out I HAVE NONE! Oops.

Enjoy your Thursday, folks!




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