#21 Cabinet love


We have such beautiful plants and trees at the farm. We have a pear tree, an apple tree, a plum tree, 3 cherry trees, a grape arbor and a blueberry bush. On top of this we have ample blackberries, the willows are growing back, and a huge cottonwood that is sending out a million cottonwood saplings all over the property. It’s a plant growing haven, and when we finally get in there later this summer, Ella and I plan on growing a lot of flowers for cutting. We plan on saving for a horse, and sharing the greenhouse. I can’t even explain how special the property is, it’s just like a secret garden and an artist’s hideout all in one. I’m completely in love with it. Tom loves it, too, even though he said today to a friend, “yeah, we’re only leaving Halsey because she’s making me.” What a turd.

But by far the most amazing news to hit our sweet little farm in the last few weeks is the installation of the additional custom cabinets! I have a 8′ island, folks! It will be topped with butcher block, while the sink and stove side will be topped with honed Carrara marble. Honed marble will make it easy to care for-we can sand it and oil it just like the butcher block, and that makes for a happy gal named Jen.

Tom painted an oil-based sealant/primer on the floors and on the walls behind the cabinets so they wouldn’t smell ungodly bad have an unpleasant scent and show stains and/or smell through our new laminate floors we’re going to lay down. He’s spent days and days at the farm working with our friend Ben, a professional painter, to sand and prep the insane amount of cabinets, doors and drawers that we now own. I was like, “I have to have as much storage as our amazing house in Halsey.” And my man delivered! I will not only have an 8′ island with large pull-out drawers, but also a 60″x 8′ pantry with pullout drawers. No more lost items in the back of the pantry, or not knowing if we have tomato sauce or crackers. #cabinetsforthewin!

The cabinets were masked and primed and painted. I don’t have any photographs of them painted the steel blue grey, but they are the same color as our cabinets in Halsey.


This is a very different cabinet style than the ones we have at the farm, but I don’t have a finished shot of them painted and I want you to see the color!



So that’s it for cabinets! We have a lot of them, and they are incredible! Tom and Ben used a new special paint, and I’ll update later about them. It’s like a new oil-based that cleans up with water, but he has the low down on that. I’ll have to get back to you on the product!


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