#20 Halsey in the House: paint until your feet hurt, demo in the heat, laugh a little!


IMG_4577This happened today, I finally got around to painting the front door, and freshly painting the white trim. I don’t think I’d painted the trim yet in this picture, though. Doesn’t it look amazing?! I’m so impressed with how it turned out. I’ve been the queen of finish painting for a week. So. Much. Painting. And yes, that’s a gutter lying on the ground. Try as we might, every time we arrange to have a crew around to help us install them, some sort of thing gets in the way. Rest assured, they will be properly installed and clean and ready to go before we list this place. Before I painted the door I had to sand it and use some Bondo type material to fix some potholes on it. It was in pretty sad shape.



Remember how I said I’d been painting so.much.trim? Well, yeah. We replaced a lot of trim in the house, as much as was needed to due to being old and yucky, and some because it just looked better. I have to do a product plug, and I’m not even getting paid for it. (Yet) Benjamin Moore Advance paint is an excellent paint to use if you are painting on an uneven surface with imperfections and you want it to “level out” and look smooth.


I am in awe of this stuff! Below is an exaggerated view of my sloppy brushstrokes and an after dry view.  I am not this sloppy, I’ve trained myself to be much neater in painting. Now sewing straight seams in quilting, that’s an area of growth for me.



Amazing, right? It’s pretty impressive.

Additionally, I added the tile back splash to the kitchen. It took me about 90 minutes and was super easy! I guess I’m a tile veteran now. I did these tiles differently than the bathroom subway. I put 1/8″ spacers in, and I’m going to grout with a gray that is similar to the cabinets. It’s going to look so amazing! I didn’t want to do white grout in the kitchen. I mean, who needs the stress? Oh, and I also hung the other 4 cabinet doors that I had in the garage, touched up all the paint on the cabinets, and it looks amazing and fresh, if I do say so myself. We have a white vent hood to add still.


While I was continuing to paint and tile in this hotter than hell quite warm weekend, Tom was doing demolition and framing. When we moved in we had a weird open area that had a 1/2 kitchen and on the other side of the wall, a laundry space and cabinets. It was awkward and complicated. He framed in the main wall in January, and this weekend our laundry room was officially finished! He’s built the closet and wall for the new walk-in closet, and the dry wall texture contractor will come soon to mud/tape/texture.


It’s amazing, isn’t it! It’s an odd shaped little bedroom, but it’s very private. It’s on the other side of the laundry room and on the other side of the house. Tom wants to put a sign on the door that says “freeloaders room” or “whatever teenager/family member is needing to stay here right now.” I say we just call it a guest room or office and let the future homeowners decide. Hahahahaha.

IMG_4588This is the room’s bed nook, a sweet little space with its own door to the outside. We were going to make it a private escape hatch for a hot tub outside. I mean, the possibility is still there for the future homeowner!

There is a full bath in this space as well, and it will be getting a much needed face-lift, too. I’m not going to do a spectacular full wall tile job, but it will be clean and nice.



The laundry room looks great, and is painted and the trim painted and done, but the second it was done we moved everything out of the bedroom and old laundry area so Tom could demo and build the wall. So right now it’s a total mess. #realityshot

And now I’m sitting down and keeping my feet up, because they are swollen and sore from standing up and painting trim for days in heat. Ella’s home from her week at mom’s and on a vacation to California where she got to go to Great America and eat Dippin Dots, twice in one day. It was big news to tell me! I’m so happy to see her sweet face excited about things. Now we’re watching Cake Boss. It’s kinda important to take life’s joys as blessings when you have them. Enjoy them when you have them!

P.S. For comedy, here’s what happens when you paint trim and it’s hot. Even though you keep your dogs sequestered in the other room, they will somehow find a spot to lie against. You will turn around and see them covered in paint. Abby is sporting white paint, for the second year in a row, from interacting with my remodeling projects.


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