Scott and Casey did all the work today. Scott added the bedroom window and framed in most of the wall and part of the closet. Casey came and picked up all the garbage and put it in the dumpster. Today Casey came and took away a bunch of garbage. Before: left photo. After: Right photo. … Continue reading #6


Long, fragile, and tender day in Kindergarten. We are working on a secret surprise for moms for Mother's Day. One student wrote, when prompted "I love my mom because___" by saying  "she gave me life." Well, that kinda stopped me in my tracks. Not something I'd expect from this guy. He's very tall, very silly, … Continue reading #3


  Oh I can't even. Day 2. Tom gets insects and spiders to deal with. I get rodents and their excrement. But it doesn't stop there, I also get ants and gastropods and amphibians. (Ok, I like them, so they've got a pass.) So really, it's Jen: 2, Tom: 1. Because if you haven't noticed … Continue reading #2