#16 Let’s re-evaluate 5.24.17

IMG_3836Went home after day two in an 83 degree classroom and dragged the air conditioner out of the attic. Living the dream. #yesitshotandnotheresnoACatschool

Then I drove to the property to meet Tom and our investor.

One cannot help but look at this property and love it. Everyone that comes by thinks, “Wow!” I took a picture of the¬†Lombardy Poplars the side of the property.

As we’ve been working, it’s clear that this property needs to have a bigger house. When we first bought it, we thought we’d be able to save the second dwelling. Sadly, and not unexpectedly, it was a complete tear down. So we were talking with our investor about the prospect of adding on to the current cottage and increasing it by 700 sq feet. We’re crunching numbers and designing. It’s a lot of work, obviously, and we’re both working full time day jobs. #nothosearen’tbagsundermyeyes

After he left we worked on using a water level to figure out the level marks for the siding. Tom blew me away with ingenuity on this, and he had plastic tubing he filled with water to figure this out. I would never even have thought about it, and definitely wouldn’t have thought of using a water level. What a rock star!

So all the level marks are there, and this weekend we’re going to be siding the whole front of the cottage. We aren’t siding the back half yet, because, well, we’re waiting to see if our numbers pan out and we can add on an addition. Then we have to pull permits, etc., etc.

I’m not going to sleep until 2018.




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