#14 Ugly Ducklings and Swans

I’m trying to not notice how sad the willow tree looks.

Moving on…

We worked exclusively in the yard today. Part of the reason is because we had two 15 year old workers that easily went a little rogue today, or to “free lance” as Tom puts it when he works with new apprentices and they go “off book.” It makes one a little less likely to just work solo on the sh stuff you have to get done. The other worker is 20 and works full time, so he didn’t make us nervous at all. We told him what to do, and he just did it. The kids worked hard in the yard. Most of what was done today was making the yard look less neglected and more tidy. I trimmed up smaller trees, Tom used the chainsaw to cut some low limbs, and we hauled a lot of branches to the burn pile. We raked a lot and cleaned up garbage. The boys and Ella hauled a lot of the rocks on the property that were in just random places and put them in this pile you see below. We’re not sure about the history of all the insanely cool rocks on the property, but there are A LOT. Obsidian, quartz, thunder eggs, etc. I mean, it’s a rock collector’s dream come true!


Tomorrow Tom is working siding and I’m working paint. Ella will likely sand cabinet doors. It’s what we do right now!

And now I’m going to go watch some HGTV, because I really love this stuff, for reals.



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