#13 Painting ceilings does not make you like Michelangelo


My arms are so tired! I learned from last week NOT to wear my new glasses to paint in, #stillfindingspeckles.

The ceiling in the main room is still not done and took 1.5 gallons of paint already! But it looks so much better. As I was working my local smart aleck said, “now that it’s white, I kinda miss the brown.” Oh such a kidder.



I don’t  have a picture of me on top of a 4′ ladder, killing it like a boss, but I was proud of not being timid or scared about the heights. I’m obviously not an electrician, my height is nothing to the resident daredevil.

Paint recommendation (and I’m not getting paid for this…yet) is Zinsser Ceiling Paint+Primer. It goes on purple tinted, so you can really see where you painted already, plus you can paint over oil stains and dead bug carcasses and no one will know.  It was even on sale at Jerry’s last weekend. #killingit


I am headed to the property today after I take Ella to a ballet competition. Tom’s there in a minute, working on siding and using a chainsaw to cut up the tree limbs that were downed last weekend. Another post will come later! I know, two in one day!


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