#12 For the love of trees


One of the sadder things one that owns trees has to do is decide to take limbs off for the health of the tree in the long run, or to take a tree down altogether because it’s necessary. One of the biggest treasures this property has is its trees. They are majestic and bountiful and full of beauty.

A wind storm came through and ravaged our trees right after we first saw it and fell in love with it. It broke our hearts to see the cottonwood and willow take such devastation. But we felt in good hands with Superior Tree Service, owned by Tom’s high school friend, Vince Dame.

In the tree to the right, you can see the beautiful wisteria vine climbing up through the willow and into the cottonwood. The tree guys were very kind and made sure that they only took down what they had to. They came on Mother’s Day. We made sure to go meet them before church so we could tell them to keep our garden the beautiful Secret Garden that it is. I was really nervous. Tom humored me and made sure I got there to defend my trees.


So we lost half the willow tree, but we only lost a little of the cottonwood. And our garden is still magical. It helped to know that the hang-over of the willow would remain, even though we were taking off ALMOST ALL of its limbs.

Love your trees. They are beautiful and precious and give you air.


2 thoughts on “#12 For the love of trees

  1. Have you ever been to Brownsville? There is a huge wisteria ina tree that lives in front of the historical house on the main drag there. It is my favorite wisteria, so far.

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    • Why, yes, I’ve been to Brownsville. ❤️ I was there today! Most of my students live in Brownsville. We’re only 6 miles away here in Halsey.
      I have noticed that the wisteria is very happy and vibrant in the country. I don’t remember seeing that much of it in Eugene. I’m appreciating it a lot!!


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