#Micro vs. Macro

Bailey, an apprentice with Tom, helped him out yesterday after work installing cans and changing out fixtures for cans in the cottage. The climbing into dusty attics is why electricians keep young apprentices around.

There is a LOT of communication that has to happen to wire a house. You also have to trust who you’re working with to 1.) know what they’re doing so neither of you gets electrocuted, 2.) have precise attention to detail and 3.) explain their thinking and directions/investigations concisely.

Tom did get an entire head of drywall dust. but Bailey still had to be in the attic longer.

It’s pretty impressive watching them work. I’ve been on the other end of this communication stream with Tom, but since I’m not an electrician, he does all the hard stuff before he asks for my help. All I’ve ever done is shove wire up a hole or cut a wire coming out of a hole. That’s it. With Bailey I saw him really doing what he does every day. They were talking in their language, a code I’ll never understand and don’t need to. But it’s impressive.

Whenever I see him at work (I’ve sneakily watched him a few times), it’s humbling. He knows how to do what he does at a master level, and he’s pretty humble about it. I told him again this morning the story about how when we met and I knew he was an electrician, but I had NO IDEA the level of construction and tool and mechanical knowledge he had to have to do his job. The first time I saw his work van and saw him working, I was like “holy crap.” And I was seriously embarrassed at how grossly I’d misjudged his talents in my head. #he’smineladies

Here’s a shot of half the finished cans, from the bedroom side. It’s mirrored on the other side of the room. And a shot of Tom using his teeth to crimp something…yikes!

While they worked, Ella and I were was sanding and removing electrical trim (code for outlet covers. See, I can learn some things.)  I was thinking big picture and getting paint, selecting color schemes for inside and out. I cleaned up yet MORE mouse poop, took apart screen doors and mentored Ella on how to sand cabinet drawers.

IMG_3573My biggest job of the day was removing a million staples from the screen door I’m replacing the one on the back porch with. WHY they stapled this door with a plastic sheet and used THIS MANY staples is beyond me. But it’s sure gonna be a pretty one when it’s done!

The screen door that was on the back of the house had been broken and Macgyvered  to stay together instead of just fixing the screen.  I’m not sure I understand that logic, but okay. Props to you, person that did that. It was attached with some sort of fabric thingy at the bottom and electrical wire on the side. It was snapped in half on both sides.


I’m trying to decide how much to do to this deck. Make it look new? Paint it? Sand it? Just clean it and let it be? We’ll see. I want the cottage to look old but new. It’s tricky!

I leave you with a day stretched out in front of you with people that you love for company.


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