#9 The LIST

This was the big task today. “Let’s make a list, honey.”

Can anyone remember comedian Brian Regan’s joke bit on Dora the Explorer? “I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the MAP?”

Well, that’s us with this list. It’s “THE LIST.”  I’ve been wanting us to have a list for our property for three weeks. I’ve been totally patient  not so patiently waiting for Tom to tell me what was in his head. So today I showed up at the property with pieces of butcher paper and markers and I said, “OK. What do we want done each week until it closes?”

We hope to put it on the market in the beginning of July. SO. We had to figure out where we are and where we want to go. It felt really good, to be honest. Now I know what needs to be accomplished when. And when something doesn’t get done, we move it forward. So sure, the last two weeks of June might be insane. But what’s handy is I’ll finally be done with school and I can work there 5 days a week if necessary. (Not that I want to, Tommy Ray! Don’t get too excited.) But I will work like that if necessary. (and then I’ll deserve a 90 minute massage, Tommy Ray.)

In other news, we decided to fire our mortgage broker that was refinancing our house in Halsey today. He’s been working on it not really working on it for 3 months today. NO CLOSURE=NO BUSINESS from us. What a train wreck. I’m not ready to throw this situation under the bus yet (meaning, not ready to go public with the name of said broker’s company yet) but when I’m ready to release that information, boy howdy will I. They are not a good company and you should not use them! It has been incredibly stressful. We expected to be closed at least 3 weeks ago. We realize we’re complicated with a construction loan and having two mortgages to roll in, BUT if our broker had done his work on the front end, he would have been able to tell us this before we spent $1250 for appraisal fees. YES. $1250. I just can’t even.

So as we were figuring out this refinance drama situation, we went and sat in the back part of our JC property. It’s idyllic out there, and pretty hard to not fall in love with.


This is what I look back on toward the house while I’m standing lying in the grass next to the fire pile.

I mean, really, who doesn’t want to lie in their field and see this?

So we had a little moment of “why don’t WE just MOVE here?” It was romantic and happy a thought, imagining all this beautiful land, just for us.  Letting this be where we get married (someday) in all this green with this beautiful blue sky. Imagining the chickens and the birds, dogs running, kids playing.

But the real reality of kids and dogs and jobs and life set in. And the fact that I moved three times in 2016. And the reality of the fact that NO, neither of us want to leave our community of Halsey. We are so in love with our church. I’m so in love with kids from my school being my neighbors and knowing I can keep an eye on them. That said, we know that it’s going to take us a lot longer to afford property in the Shedd/Halsey/Brownsville area. And we really want property someday, sooner than later. It will happen when it is supposed to happen.


Today was a crazy day. May tomorrow be better.

I leave you with thick blades of grass you can make into grass whistles. I leave you with dogs that come when you call and morning hugs from someone you love. I leave you with living with people that love you and make sure you know it. I leave you with hot coffee and someone that brings you a piece of chocolate out of no where, just when you need it.

May you have all these things, and most of all, the list you need to keep you sane.

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