#4 Too Many Liquids (or #donteatandreadthis)

I was getting just a little small bit almost hysterical. I had been around too many waste products over the last few days.


Not only did a friend pee her pants in class, but several picked boogers and then touched me with their hands. I wanted a protective shell today. But the parents and the EAs spoiled the certified teaching staff today with treats all day in the staff room. I enjoyed my snacks and hot coffee for sure. I guess my students appreciated me by sharing other things. #istilllovethem

Then I came home and Korra had pooped in her crate. Being off leash on the property the last few days has given her access to some obviously disgusting things to ingest, and when I got home after Girls on the Run coaching the house smelled horrible. Poor thing has never been sick like that before. I loaded her in the car and rushed into Eugene (stopping at the property to collect our hose, to clean her crate with later) and got her to the doggie bath place before getting Ella from dance class. And then she still was sick for hours later. I felt pretty bad for her, but also wondered WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Maybe don’t eat that dead bird and roll in it. Maybe don’t eat other disgusting things. Maybe think, like Rebel Wilson’s character Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, “Sometimes I think I can do crystal meth, but then I think, ‘better not.'”

It was just a lot.


If  you’re still reading there’s remodeling stuff to talk about.

I didn’t work on the house a single bit today.

Our friend Scott, who is a contractor, worked all day for us. He added the vapor barrier and fixed siding, framed out a sofitt inside, framed the bedroom door and started the closet framing.


Our cottage had only a bedroom “alcove” when we bought it. We knew we had to make it a real bedroom. We’re adding a built in bed, too, for space saving. It will only be full size because that’s all the space we have and someone trying to make it work with a full sized bed frame would be awkward. This place will have smart built-ins.

Then after work and then after teaching class at LCC Tom actually went and worked the property some more! (see, it’s a contest, and yes, now he’s winning.) (just kidding) #tomforthewin

He removed more siding because he saw some dry rot and uncovered what used to be the home’s front door!


It reminded me of how years ago I came across a book called “How Houses Learn,” about how they change over time and how the environment and architecture of cities and towns changes around them. It’s just a fascinating thing, to notice how houses change and evolve. Our home in Halsey used to reside on Peoria Road in Shedd and was built by the Smith family of Smith Brothers Seed Company. Their family sold it and then it was moved to its current location. The builders’ great grandson is in my Kindergarten class this year.

It doesn’t really matter how much s**t and p**s you have to come in contact with in one day. It’s just proof something is alive. And you’re there, cleaning it up, because you can. There’s someone else that would love to be doing what you’re doing, because it’s life!

I reminded myself this as I cleaned up the fourth yuck mark on the carpet left by my poor doggie. It’s a silly thing to be complaining about. She’s sick. I love her. I care about her wellness. She can’t help it.

Every moment of our day, in our lives, in our relationships we have the choice to consider how we’ll let that moment inform us. We can use it to make us stronger and to be peaceful. We can allow the disgusting messes to give us opportunities for grace.

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