Long, fragile, and tender day in Kindergarten.

We are working on a secret surprise for moms for Mother’s Day. One student wrote, when prompted “I love my mom because___” by saying  “she gave me life.” Well, that kinda stopped me in my tracks. Not something I’d expect from this guy. He’s very tall, very silly, and not often serious. It was humbling to say the least.

2017-05-01 14.00.34

After work I had two meetings about students in my class and for the Talented and Gifted department that I coordinate. It’s always nice to meet with parents and hear their thoughts on their child and the perspective on this young human they are raising.

After work I rushed to the property to see the big news from today UP CLOSE. The shack (formerly thought it would be marketed as a second dwelling, but on inspection realized it was a total tear town) was gone. Casey, the guy we hired to tear it down, had taken it down and separated it into piles. It was amazing how opened up the property was after losing that behemoth. I was even more in love with our place after that went down!

L: Before, R: After

Now you can see the barn and the trees and the view of the mountains so much better. When standing on the back porch of the cottage it feels like a different yard.


It’s amazing what a difference that made.

Scott also worked all day, framing in a new french door opening in the cottage. He fixed some siding issues today as well and is ready to add this door when we get it ready for him.


After work Tom worked on some more demo, I worked on cleaning. I only lasted an hour, since what I have to do is kind of out of order with where we’re at in the timeline, and I wasn’t feeling 100%. Ella and Korra romped all over the property while I was cleaning cabinets and we left after only a tiny bit of work. Tom stayed after us and put in more time.

I’m tired today. All day I felt like I needed more coffee and more sleep.

So it’s off to bed for me.

I leave you with hot coffee, warm hugs, peppermint tea and dog snuggles.

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