Oh I can’t even.

Day 2.

Tom gets insects and spiders to deal with.

I get rodents and their excrement. But it doesn’t stop there, I also get ants and gastropods and amphibians. (Ok, I like them, so they’ve got a pass.) So really, it’s Jen: 2, Tom: 1. Because if you haven’t noticed already, yeah, it’s kind of a contest. #mydaysuckedmorethanyours

It’s all in love. We’re pretty sweet to each other while working on projects, and part of our love language is complaining about how the house, the animals, the children, the weeds, the __ is trying to “kill us.”

I fed us homemade cinnamon rolls this morning before we went to the property. It was just what we needed to fortify ourselves until we finally got lunch at 4 pm. Next time, I’ll plan ahead better. I was getting dangerously low blood sugar and it felt gross.

When we arrived today we realized that we hadn’t closed the gate when we left yesterday. So we had three squatters sleeping in front of our filled dumpster. Don’t fret, they were ducks. I laughed so hard shooing them off the property.

Tom took out the window in the living room and removed a bunch of siding from the sunny side of the house. He found a healthy amount of wasps, ants, spiders and fat black widows. He made much more noise than I did, talking to himself and making a ruckus. I know he’s doing okay when he’s talking and making noise. When things get silent, well, watch out. He’s either having a natural break or he’s madder than spit about something.

I was busy inside dealing with ants, snails and mouse poop, plus disgusting greasy hinges and hardware in the kitchen. I dismantled the kitchen cabinet doors and hardware today, and when taking off the drawers next to the dishwasher, well, I found more unmentionables. You don’t need to see it here, and I won’t photograph this stuff, but just be reassured that I earned my beer tonight from what I had to sift through today.

I am going to sand and paint the cabinets decorator white. Tom is dubious that painting all the walls, the cabinets and the ceiling white, not sure if it’s the right way to go. But this is a tiny cottage and it doesn’t actually have a lot of light. The appliances are black. It needs balance from the light clean look that a fresh coat of white paint will give it. The cabinets are solid wood (WOW! It’s the 2nd time in a row I luck out on hardwood boxes for cabinets!) and the doors have a nice, clean shaker style. They’re modern and simple. They just happen to currently be oak, which is not the look I’m going for.

The cottage has great trim work and beautiful pocket doors, but it makes no sense to have so many different wood tones in a tiny 750 sq ft cottage. I’ve always been irritated by having too many different wood tones in a room, especially in the furniture. It’s such an easy thing to remedy! SO, the oak cabinets are going to be painted and the beautiful trim work and doors will stay the way they are. I will have to sand some of the trim and re-stain it. I noticed today that the sun hits the trim in the bathroom coming from the skylight on only one side and has bleached it. So one side is pristine and the other is bleached. I’ve got so. much. sanding. in my future.

I will post pictures of our work in progress from today in tomorrow’s post. I can’t get dropbox to update as fast as I need it to, because I take so many photos between school and home.

Before we left today I walked to the back of the property line and looked back at our place. Korra followed me. She was in heaven today, romping around the property and smelling (and rolling in [gross]) everything.

I will leave you with this: breathe in your day. STOP. Think about what you have. Appreciate everything, even if it’s staring down a black widow or sweeping up mouse poop. You’re here. You’re on this earth, people show up for you. And there are cinnamon rolls and dogs and someone special that loves you.


2 thoughts on “#2

    • Yes, definitely a white. I’m going for a bright white, though, not one with any brown in it. I may put a different white tone on the walls and ceiling than the cabinets, for a slight contrast.


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