We started tearing things up today. We hired Liam, my almost 18 year old son, a young man from Central Linn (my beloved school district, from our hometown of Halsey) named Jimmy, and Tom’s high school buddy Scott and his girlfriend, Kim. The six of us tore it up for about six hours and made the place look a little more or a little less habitable, depending on your perspective.

I thought multiple times today about how precious my life is. How lucky I am to have the perspective I have and to love the person I love in this particular moment in time. I don’t take a second of my life for granted. I know that it’s hard won and that nothing comes for free. I know that my life with my Mister is a particularly sweet pleasure that is the essence of all that is good and true and lovely. I know that right this very second is the most important second.

My life, hard learned and hard worked for, has taught me that working together with someone you love and staying connected to them makes everything worth it. We had no idea a year ago where we were headed, truly. We were living in Tom’s duplex in Eugene, sharing space with two teenagers and two dogs. We didn’t know that a few a months later we’d own a house together and then a few months after that we’d be be working on a remodel (flip) house together.

All I know, as I sit here with aching feet and hands, with my dog lying in between us on the couch and Tom rubbing my leg with his toes, is that I am in exactly the right place. And that God sent me here. For all these things, I am grateful and blessed beyond measure. 2017-04-10 17.19.05





#1 Tear it up

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